Military Survival Kit Can Opener, P-51, US Shelby Co. (Pack of 4)


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The P-51 can opener is a great survival tool with many uses. The P-51 is 2″ long, slightly longer than the original P-38, so it’s easier to open cans. It folds to a small size. It also can be used as a cutting edge, screw driver, seam ripper, groove cleaner, etc. This 4-pack of P-51 Can Openers allows you to keep one in all the locations you want – the kitchen, hunting pack, camper, back pack, tackle box, tool box, etc.


  • Made in the USA by US Shelby Co
  • Pack of 4 so you can have one in all the places you want
  • 2″ Long
  • Great for survival, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, toolbox, etc


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