Survival Hax 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle


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Is it a key chain? Is it a survival kit? Is it a waterproof pill container? The answer is YES. The 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain is a waterproof aluminum EDC (everyday carry) pill bottle. A durable carabiner and 550 paracord are used so you can take this mini survival kit anywhere. There are technically 11 separate pieces inside the canister. Fishing line, hooks, weights, floaters, sinkers, swivels, eye knife, cotton tinder, fire starter rod, safety pins, wire saw. The paracord is 6 feet long when unraveled and has an emergency whistle attached to it. Our goal was to make a reuseable PSK (Personal Survival Kit) that gives you the ability to catch a fish, gut it, and cook it. Sure there are easier ways to do this, but none that fit on your keychain.


  • WATERPROOF – Aluminum EDC bottle lets you keep your meds and valuables dry.
  • LIGHT & DURABLE – Keychain is made from military grade paracord with a 550 lbs rating.
  • COMPLETE FISHING KIT – You’ll find fishing hooks, line, sinkers, swivels, and floats inside.
  • FIRE STARTER & TINDER – The pill bottle contains a ferro rod and cotton so you can make a fire anywhere.
  • WIRE SAW – Easily cuts branches and sticks for a makeshift fishing pole.


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