Mountain House Essential Bucket


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Convenient and easy-to-prepare, The Mountain House Essential assortment offers four pouches each of 3 entrees for backpacking, camping, emergency kits, and your long-term food storage. The clear, reusable bucket is an incredible solution to allowing these meals to be efficiently stored and organized for future times of need.


  • 4 Pouches – Rice & Chicken (3 servings per pouch)
  • 4 Pouches – Chili Mac with Beef (2.5 servings per pouch)
  • 4 Pouches – Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (2.5 servings per pouch)


  • Assortment contains 12 pouches per bucket – 32 servings
  • Just mix contents with boiling water in the pouch provided, let stand for a few minutes, and then serve; resealable foil pouch helps retain warmth
  • Shelf life is 10 years from the manufacturing date listed on the back of each pouch
  • Made in the USA


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