Survival Hiking Boot Laces – Wilderness Survival Emergency Fire Starter


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Matches are wet? Lighter doesn’t work? Lost your firesteel? With Flintlaces you always have a last resort for fire. Each lace tip is a 1 inch ferrocerrium rod able produce a robust spark in any climate. Strike rod with included steel striker plate. This is more than enough to produce a robust spark in any climate.

Sizing Guide:
Count how many hole pairs there is on your boot and then order the corresponding shoelace length.
5 – 6: 45″
7 – 8: 63″
9 – 10: 84″
11 – 12: 108″

**Diameter of the tips are 4mm at the widest point. Measure shoelace hole to make sure they will fit.


  • THE ORIGINAL FLINT LACES 2.0 – The tools to make a fire are ALWAYS with you
  • START A FIRE – Steel serrated striker tools attach to paracord laces and double as tinder shaving survival knife
  • 3000 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT – Ferro Rod produces a shower of HOT SPARKS capable of igniting a wide range of tinder in any climate
  • NEW BUSHCRAFT DESIGN – Quick access flints secured firmly to metal base for improved grip function when you make a fire
  • ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GEAR – A practical multi-function addition to any EDC or Survival Kit


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