Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: First Aid Kit Building and Mini Med School for Preppers


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THIS IS YOUR BOOK OF SECRETS! The one ensuring you and your loved ones survive! If you’ve been afraid of what’s coming, then rest easy, because those days are now over! By cutting the extra and expanding the essential, we’ve combined the most important sections from our Survival Medicine series, The Prepper Pages, & created this Mini Med School – just for preppers. An apocalypse is inevitable, because the term “Zombie Apocalypse” is a metaphor for expecting the unexpected. By covering hundreds of conditions known to occur frequently in disasters, this book is going to leave you confident with the way you’ll react in medical emergencies. It’s not about stabilizing injuries until help arrives. It’s about treating injuries and illnesses once and for all. Whether you’re buying items to build a comprehensive medical kit, or have found yourself in a disaster without one, this book will teach you exactly what to do. We’ll show you how to scavenge what you’ll need, and teach you hundreds of medical and surgical skills you won’t find elsewhere. With sections on constructing triage and dealing with pandemics, we’ll show you how to diagnose and treat Ebola, SARS, and even the next Zombie Virus. “Literally the best prepper medical guide I have found yet! Well done! No nonsense and no beating around the bush. I feel as if I have learned something.” – Steven Trumbo (Emmaus, PA) “Full of truly useful information on where to get and, even better, how to use items in your emergency medical kit. This is one book that is definitely a must have!” – Shar


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